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Feral Conures


Pyrrhura picta has 9 known sub species. The most common, pictured here, is Pyrrhura picta picta. Common name Painted Conure

We now have two unrelated pairs in our breeding program.
These tiny birds, like most pyrrhura have sweet fun loving

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Painted conure
Pyrrhura rupicola has
two known subspecies
Common name is Black-capped conure. Again these birds are small, quiet and very playful. As a pet I feel they are the ones with the best disposition long term.

This is Tineil, a female

Black capped conure

Pyrrhura molinae  has 5 known sub species. Common name Green cheek conure.

This photo is of Marty, a mutation Yellow sided. He is our first. We now have two breeding pairs and are looking forward to some beautiful birds. Coloration of the yellow sided varies in degree from bird to bird. For more information:
Green cheeked conure

Pyrrhura melanura, Maroon-tailed conure. There are five known sub species. Sub-species  Pyrrhura m. souancei  This is the most common sub species
found in the pet market. These are a little larger than the Black-capped and very sweet birds.

Comparison characteristics between Souance and Black-capped are not easily seen in a photo: The Black-capped is considerably smaller than the Souance, has a tinier head, different tail color, and a full black cap on the head.

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Souance conure

The bird shown here has the common name of Souance conure.

We have become enamored of the Pyrrhura conures in the last few years. We will be adding more of this type of conure to our breeding program as they seem to fit the lifestyle of today's families. They are quiet, easy keepers, and fun birds to own.

Stop back again and see what we add.

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